Mozart - Rondo in D major, K.382
General Information
Composer(s) :
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus  (1756-1791)
Work type(s) :
Piano and orchestra
Duration : 10:22
Composition date(s) :
March 1782
Key & mode : D major
Publishing Information
General Information
Publisher:Dover Publications
Title:Mozart - Piano Concertos n.22-27 and Concert Rondo in D major
Excerpts Contained:Complete
Publisher:International Music Company
Editors Ghedini, G. F.
Excerpts Contained:Complete
Editors Topel, Michael
Title:Concerto No. 5 in D Major, K.175; Rondo in D Major, K.382
Excerpts Contained:Complete
Publisher:Peters, C.F.
Editors Zacharias, Christian
Wolff, C.
Title:Piano Concerto No. 5 in D, K.175 and Rondo in D, K.382
Excerpts Contained:Complete

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